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Dear Friend,

In this special report, I will show you how you can soon turn $1,000  into a big chunk of money!  You can do this by copying the same techniques that big-time Options Traders use. 

But before I give you the details, I want you to tell you  two important things:

#1. Hundreds of people just like you have already done this and made a fast fortune.  And ...

#2. You don't risk a single penny in trying it and proving it to yourself.

Have you ever said to yourself:

      There  must be a better way to make money:

Or ... What's the best way to get rich ... starting small 

Or ... "How can I gain wealth easier."

I certainly have!

I asked myself these questions hundreds of times. I knew there had to be a "Better way" out there -- somewhere, somehow, if only I could find it. 

I wanted to make money rather quickly and I didn't have a bundle to invest.

And man, did I find a golden goose!  I discovered  the world's most powerful moneymaker--options trading.

To get really rich, you need something that can turn a little money into a lot of money - FAST. Options trading is based on leverage, the power to make you rich without a lot of money to start.


If you're wondering how you and your family will ever move ahead ... if you're slaving your life away with no time to really enjoy it ... or if your finances are in any way limiting your life, then you'll want to spend just a few minutes reading this  letter.

Fifteen years ago I discovered a super-easy  for making a quick fortune!

I guarantee you've never seen an opportunity like it. You see, I've analyzed hundreds of different ways to make money and I know THIS is ... THE world's most perfect business!

You don't need any special knowledge, big money, or good credit to succeed with my wealth-building course.

All you have to do is follow my easy step-by-step technique and you can make more money in one short year than most hard-working people make in their entire lifetime!

I will guide you step-by-step to ultimate wealth and freedom!

You can, starting with only $1000, you can make up to $10,000.00 in as little as 30 days!

My Easy Wealth With Options Program  is the most sure-fire technique for building a vast fortune in today's most profitable business. If you're looking for financial independence, this is finally the opportunity that will deliver it to you!

Because when done right, it is a low-risk, automatic income generator. You've probably heard of and maybe invested in mutual funds or the stock market, but there's a  predictable and more profitable way to build your money.

THE fastest and EASIEST WAY TO GET RICH I've ever seen!

I'm talking about a different kind of investing.  I have figured out a way for you to invest the same way wealthy, professional investors do. And I've simplified it so that anyone can do it! It will make you a fortune!

In fact, many of the richest people in the world built their fortunes this way. These people are no smarter than you. They just learned a secret formula for winning.

And when done right, you should win at 75% of the trades you make which WILL MAKE YOU AS RICH AS YOU WANT TO BE! And I can teach you how in just days.

This method of investing is perfect for beginners! Because I take all the mystery out of it. I have reduced it to a simple formula that you can work in minutes. In fact, if you can add and subtract, you have all the skills necessary! I've never found anything that's so easy that makes so much money. Anyone can do this and succeed! plus ...

-- LOW START UP COST! You only need $1000 -- or less --to start and if you follow my lessons closely, you'll never have to invest another dime! You just use your first profits to keep making MORE profits!

-- UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL. Following my step-by-step course, you can easily make over $100,000 a year or more.

-- NO TRAINING REQUIRED. I am not a trained or polished investor. I simply learned a few tricks and shortcuts to make big profits. I give you everything you need to start. 

-- PART TIME. JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY or night is all it takes! You can do this on the side or in your spare time. No need to quit your job if you're happy. But you certainly will be able to!

I will teach you to trade "on paper" only. With play money. So you don't risk a dime. When you see for yourself how easily you are making big money - you can start using real money and putting real profits into your bank account!

With my course, YOU can double and triple your investment virtually overnight!

The kind of investing I make loads of money with is options trading. It's like buying stock, but you only need a fraction of the money you need to succeed with stocks.

Here's a common example of how you make easy money with Options:

Say ABC stock is being sold for $45 a share. If you had done your homework, and knew that ABC stock would soon rise to $50 a share you might buy 100 shares at a cost of $4,500.

let's say Abc does in fact go to $50 a share. Now you sell your 100 shares and you just made $500 -- an 11.1% gain.

Not bad right? Wrong! You can do much better profit-wise with a lot less money invested!

In options trading you make a ton more money with a much smaller investment. Because let's face it, who has $4,500 to invest to make only $500? Most people don't have that kind of cash laying around. But no matter, you don't need it.

In options trading you would start by buying an ABC stock call at 2 1/2. All that means is you pay only $250(2 1/2) for a contract on ABC stock. That gives you the right to buy 100 shares of ABC stock at $45 a share.

So now you control 100 shares of stock for only $250! That's a heck of a lot cheaper than $4,500. At this bargain price you can afford to buy even more. maybe you want to control 1,000 shares of Abc stock. Well it will only cost you $2,500.

So now let's say Abc stock does jump to $50 a share like you expected it to. (I will teach you how to Always know the stocks that will go up. no gambling here!) Now your $250 call will likely Double That means your $250 call is now worth $500. And if you have 10 contracts you just turned your $2,500 into $5,000!

You easily doubled your money!

Not a mere 4.1% like with stocks, but a whopping 75%!

It's that easy! And if that sounds a little hard to follow, don't worry at all! My course is such that a 5th grader can understand it. As a matter of fact, I happen to know because I have a fifth grader and I had he and a friend read it, and I kept rewriting it until they were easily making trades on paper. It's not complicated at all!

And like I said, you will never wonder if a stock option is a good one or not. I will teach you to easily pick only the top 1% of options that are almost guaranteed to go up in value and make you money. That's right! I reject 99% of the options for the 1% that will explode into a fortune for you!

6 reasons why options trading is perfect to make you money!

1. You can buy options for a fraction of the cost of the stock. So you can start investing without a lot of money.

2. You will make money in any kind of market -- good or bad.

3. You profits can be unlimited!

4. Your risk is always limited!

5. You can make big money even if you never traded options or anything else before.

6. You'll have  my proven method for making money to help you every step of the way!

THE POWER OF LEVERAGE will make you rich!

You probably already know how it works.  With options trading , every $1 you invest gives you the buying power of say, $20, so you will make 20 times the amount of money when you buy a winner! For example, if you buy a car for $1,000 and sell it for $2,000 you make $1,000 profit. But ... hang onto your hat ... this same transaction in options will make you a $20,000 profit ... and it can happen in just days!

Turn your few hundred dollars of into a lifetime of wealth!

Imagine taking an investment of only $1,000 and turning it into $10,000 in 8 months. Opportunities like this happen in the Options market! And you can soon be one of the privileged few to grab the next great opportunity!

My Easy Wealth With Options Program is the fastest way to build a fortune today. There's no other opportunity where you can take a small investment and turn it into so much money, quickly.

You will be using a course that is A PROVEN WINNER. So many people have made fortunes that I've lost count, and so have my students! People just like YOU have become very wealthy using this very same method.

It's 100 times better than your best dream job!

You will have FUN making money! You will have a part-time hobby that can make you rich with NONE of the problems that other businesses have. It's incredible!

No other money-making opportunity even comes close to this one! You can make much more money with  less problems than real estate, commodities, gambling, stocks, multi-level marketing, a retail business or mail order!

I'll even prove this to you. You won't risk a single penny to see the money pile up like crazy before you invest a dime. Yes, I will take all the risk in sending you my course.

I will show you how to easily spot bargain options prices

I'm sure you can spot a bargain car or a bargain house. If I'm right, you'll be a whiz at this! because that's really the main idea of options trading.

You will have hundreds to choose from everyday! The idea is to spot them early. Because the market will eventually see the bargain, drive the price up, and you will cash out with outrageous easy profits!

And don't worry. Bargains are VERY COMMON in options with the method I will send you. (I'll even give you some actual bargains to buy right away so you won't have to find them yourself if you don't want to!)

HAVE MORE fun and free TIME with much LESS STRESS!

Having your own home-based money maker could be just what you need. Most people who work at home find they have a lot less or even ZERO stress in their lives. Because they don't have to worry about a boss, deadlines or coworkers. And money worries are gone. They have all they need to live very comfortably.

You can make a bundle of money with options no matter where you choose to live! Move to Hawaii, Vermont, Iowa or Florida , England-- it doesn't matter! As long as you have access to a newspaper and a telephone. You're set.

Many people quit their 9 to 5 jobs to leave the hassles of working for someone else behind. For me, the health and well being of myself and my family is more important than a stressful job. That's why I feel the easy and profitable world of trading options makes the perfect life!

I know that once you start my program at home your life will take a turn for the better. You will be able to spend more time with your family ... enjoy flexible hours and wear your pajamas to work if you want to ... dedicate more time to fun and recreation ... experience more job satisfaction because you are the boss, and you call the shots!


I'm sure your mailbox is full of offers from others. I've seen them all. Other options systems, stocks, unclear business plans and all kinds of things that are not safe and proven to work like mine is.

My Easy Wealth Program With Options  is much better. And if it doesn't work out for you for any reason, I'll give your money back after you've had a full 90 days to try it out. It's the best of everything ... and none of the bad!

The Worst Thing That Can Happen To You.

Do you know what the worst thing is that could happen when you access this incredible program?

The very worst that could happen is you get your money back! I want to put my program in your hands so you can see for yourself how easy and profitable it is.

You will always make SURE THING TRADES!

Maybe you've heard that options or any kind of trading is risky. And that's true, if you are a risky person. I'm not. If you like to gamble, then this program is not for you. As you will soon learn, the easy Wealth program is the most advanced, sure-thing winning system ever created.

The techniques are based on hidden secrets that professional traders have been using for decades to make fortunes in the options market. If you follow my system, you will have the opportunity to make a big fortune  from a very small investment. The profit potential of this incredible system is absolutely staggering!

That's right! Even if you know absolutely nothing about trading, this stunning breakthrough allows you to cash in on the most powerful money making opportunity in existence!


You do NOT need a lot of money to make a fortune with options. The fact is, you only need $1000 to trade with the Easy Wealth Program, and you can begin trading right from your own home. It is very simple to follow and only requires a couple hours a week to be successful.

These techniques teach you exactly what to do in order to place a trade. What's more, my system calls all the shots for you. There is no guess work. Once you have mastered the basics, everything will be simple. Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language, so even if you know nothing about options, you'll quickly become an expert.


How do professionals make fortunes over and over again? Simple -- most professionals trade only when a few key indicators line up at the right time. It is actually possible to predict where the price of an option is going. But the best part of this highly accurate system is your ability to really pile up profits.

If you know with near certainty that a certain stock option is going to skyrocket, you can achieve unlimited wealth with virtually no effort!

Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of income? Imagine how your family and friends would act if you brought home over $25,000 in a single month? I know it sounds hard to believe, but you're only one step away from making this happen. Making money is easy -- you just have to know how, and there's no better time for you to start than right now!

Write your own paycheck!

It's tough to make a lot of money with a regular 9 to 5 job. with my program making money won't be a problem! One of my students, after he just made $27,965.00, phoned to tell me "This is the lazy man's way to wealth".

Remember, all this is PROVEN TO WORK by hundreds of people just like you. Now you can finally make your financial dreams come true!

PLUS ...You will get unlimited questions answered from our expert consultant FREE for 3 months.

Even though this is very easy, it's only natural you will have some questions as you start making money.

I will be more than happy help you with whatever you need, whenever you need help. Just send an email and our consultant will get back to you with clear, simple answers.

You'll get everything you need to make huge options profits!

What you'll really get is a collection of everything I've learned in the last 15 years as a successful options trader. My program is specifically designed to help you avoid the costly mistakes beginners make.

You won't have to go through the learning curve like I did. Because with my program you'll be able to start trading, fully armed with all the facts, tips, techniques, strategies and information you need to successfully trade options.

You will get my copyrighted course that can make you big money in as little as the next ten days.

The Easy Wealth With Options Program is the most advanced  course ever created for trading options. You can start trading with a small investment  and build it into a fortune very quickly.

It's totally automatic! My course calls all the shots. There is no guess work. You will know exactly how, what and when to trade for maximum profits.

My program will teach you everything you need to know step by step, from opening your account to placing your first trade.

You will have unlimited FREE consultation with professional member of my staff. You can contact us anytime you wish, and we will make sure that you are assigned a qualified professional to help you understand the program completely.

Most importantly, if you follow my program you will have the opportunity to make millions of dollars from a very small investment, because you'll be trading with the exact same secrets that have generated millions in profits!

You will not risk a dime when you access Easy Wealth With Options Program.


You would pay $3,000.00 for my course if it was a seminar. And even that high price would be a bargain. But I've decided to put my course on videotape and manual so you can easily afford it.

Instead of $3,000.00, your investment will be only $289. But it gets better. Because I want only serious students who are determined to get rich ...

... I am going to knock $100 off this low price when you accept this offer right now.!

You can make $100,000.00 in your first year, or even more, yet you will pay only $139 complete for my course when you act now. This is truly the bargain of your lifetime!

Now the really good part...

We want to make it easier for you to "Test Drive" this program without any  RISK. We want to offer huge discount if you respond within 3 days.  Here it is:  For a limited time, you can get  the complete Easy Wealth With Options Program for a discounted price of  only $14.95 for a  30-Day Risk-Free Trial.  


There is absolutely no competition in options trading. There are so many stock options out there that it doesn't matter how many people are using my system. It won't effect your profits one bit.

I'm looking for a small, enthusiastic group of people that we can teach this simple method to. You will have free unlimited consultation with an expert, which means you will receive personal help. You may not believe this yet, but I'm going to change your life!


I'm sure you are skeptical, but I'm looking for skeptics. If you are not willing to try something completely new, if you're unwilling to change your life, then please look elsewhere. This should limit the amount of interested people. I'm looking for a small group of people that I can turn into millionaires.

Almost every commodity millionaire and student of mine at first said "How can it be so easy to make as much money as you say But they didn't let naysay thinking prevent them from taking a no-risk look.

I am not asking you to BUY anything. I'm just asking you to take a no-risk Test drive" of my program -- then you can decide about it. After all, words are cheap, and the proof is in the profits!

FREE $100.00  DVD  FOR YOU!

To make it even easier for you to take in profits of $100,000.00 your first year, I have recorded a simple, step-by-step videotape for you!

The video, Winning Strategies For Options,  will make everything easy for you. I'm selling the video for $100.00, but I will send it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE when you take quick action.


You can ignore the message I've shared here today, but is your current financial plan working out the way you would like? I can say with confidence that this is the most powerful money making opportunity in existence. If you sincerely want to accumulate vast wealth, then you must make this first step. So I urge you to take control of your life. Join me, and start your new successful options trading career right away!

Now is the best time to make your dreams come true! The knowledge you will gain will allow you to cash in on what professional traders have been carefully guarding for decades. You will learn exactly how the real insiders trade, and how you, too, can easily capture gigantic profits in the options market.

I hope you will take advantage of this rare opportunity right now. Believe it or not, you're only one step away from making more money in the next twelve months than most people make in their entire lifetimes!

 Here's What You Will Receive:

1)  Monthly Newsletter with specific recommendations with along with new strategies every month for you to make money. (You can access right now) 

2)  Instructional Manual 346  pages packed with easy steps and  strategies and information on how to make money with Options. If you have never traded options, this will be your guide. It will teach you all you need to know. (You can access right now) 

3)  A Quick Start Guide: This will get you started right away. This is a short-cut way to start your trading. This user-friendly guide will  take lead you step-by-step very quickly (You can access right now) 

4)  Help And Questions Answered For 90 Days Free From An Expert. We will provide the email link. (You can access right now) 

5)  A DVD titled,  Winning Strategies For Options: Will be shipped.

6)  100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with our services or unhappy with the monthly picks or not satisfied with the money you  make,  you can cancel and receive a refund.

* Cancellation can be done by sending an email.



If you've read this far, then you are serious about making money. I am so confident that you'll succeed that I want to send you the Easy Wealth With Options Program entirely at my risk.

It costs you nothing to take a look at my program.  Use  the course for 30 days. Do the trade on paper so you won't risk one penny. See for yourself just how much money it generates. If it doesn't look like a sure-fire method to success, you will get your money back.  You can keep the $100 video just for giving the program an honest try..

You risk nothing!

Sincerely Yours,

Frank Simpson
Frank Simpson

P.S. Have you said to yourself "there must be an easier way to make money This is it! It's proven to work, takes only 20 minute a day and can make you over $100,000.00 a year easily! It's BEST if you have NO previous experience in this!

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